Weeks 31-32

Not much happened in week 31, it was better since I’m taking the liquid iron but I am still always tired so I can’t tell if it’s working as far as that goes.

Week 32
This week was a milestone week for me! It was a personal goal of mine to make it to 32 weeks and I am proud to say that I did it AND I haven’t needed bed rest yet!

Symptoms and all of that are still the same with the reflux and I know the only way I will have relief is when the babies are born. I am experiencing more uncomfortable contractions- nothing consistent but they hurt when I do have them. Also, my feet and ankles are really swollen. I never experienced this with my 4 pregnancies so it’s unusual for me. I guess it’s because the babies are putting more pressure on my lower body.

Weight at week 32 is a total of 23 lbs now for the pregnancy- so that’s a pound a week I’m gaining.

Earlier in the week while I was out with my mom getting supplies for my hospital bag I kept having random people in stores tell me how big I look…FYI to all people everywhere NO pregnant woman wants to be told how big she looks, how big her belly is or anything like that! It’s rude and for me personally I find it offensive because I already feel big I don’t need to be told I look big!

At 32 weeks 6 days IPs drove down for the appointment and we had an u/s to check their growth. They are big! Baby A weighs 4 lbs 12 oz and Baby B is 4 lbs 11 oz! That’s 9 1/2 lbs of baby I am carrying and it definitely feels like it! The bad thing is that BOTH babies are butt down. I had a feeling baby A was because she’s been that way since 24 weeks , but now her brother is too. So it looks like I will be having a c-section unless a miracle happens before I go into labor. I have never had a c-section before so I am nervous about it, mostly about the recovery since it’s a MAJOR surgery ! I asked my ob what to except after surgery and he said I cannot lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk for 6 weeks. 6 WEEKS! That is going to be hard since my youngest boy is 3 and obviously still wants to be held and also isn’t potty trained ect.

This is the food comparison for week 32 and also a side by side pic of my belly at 30 weeks ( on the left) and 32 weeks on the right- my belly had dropped!


20140530-164216.jpg XOXO- Chelsea


2 thoughts on “Weeks 31-32

  1. Hi Chelsea. .. I am just starting my surrogate journey and want to know how yours ended! I can only see as far as 32 weeks?
    Would you do it again? Do you still keep in contact with the IP’s!

    • Hi! Congrats on starting your journey! Oh I delivered my surrobabies at 34 weeks 3 days and I have been so busy I haven’t had time to write the birth story (terrible I know since they will be one soon) and they were healthy and are doing amazing! Yes we text now at least once a week and they send me pics 🙂 I am actually matched with an international couple and we are transferring on June 9 ONE day after the twins turn one! If you want to add me on Facebook you can see my entire surrogate pregnancy album and follow a long on this next journey 🙂

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