Weeks 31-32

Not much happened in week 31, it was better since I’m taking the liquid iron but I am still always tired so I can’t tell if it’s working as far as that goes.

Week 32
This week was a milestone week for me! It was a personal goal of mine to make it to 32 weeks and I am proud to say that I did it AND I haven’t needed bed rest yet!

Symptoms and all of that are still the same with the reflux and I know the only way I will have relief is when the babies are born. I am experiencing more uncomfortable contractions- nothing consistent but they hurt when I do have them. Also, my feet and ankles are really swollen. I never experienced this with my 4 pregnancies so it’s unusual for me. I guess it’s because the babies are putting more pressure on my lower body.

Weight at week 32 is a total of 23 lbs now for the pregnancy- so that’s a pound a week I’m gaining.

Earlier in the week while I was out with my mom getting supplies for my hospital bag I kept having random people in stores tell me how big I look…FYI to all people everywhere NO pregnant woman wants to be told how big she looks, how big her belly is or anything like that! It’s rude and for me personally I find it offensive because I already feel big I don’t need to be told I look big!

At 32 weeks 6 days IPs drove down for the appointment and we had an u/s to check their growth. They are big! Baby A weighs 4 lbs 12 oz and Baby B is 4 lbs 11 oz! That’s 9 1/2 lbs of baby I am carrying and it definitely feels like it! The bad thing is that BOTH babies are butt down. I had a feeling baby A was because she’s been that way since 24 weeks , but now her brother is too. So it looks like I will be having a c-section unless a miracle happens before I go into labor. I have never had a c-section before so I am nervous about it, mostly about the recovery since it’s a MAJOR surgery ! I asked my ob what to except after surgery and he said I cannot lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk for 6 weeks. 6 WEEKS! That is going to be hard since my youngest boy is 3 and obviously still wants to be held and also isn’t potty trained ect.

This is the food comparison for week 32 and also a side by side pic of my belly at 30 weeks ( on the left) and 32 weeks on the right- my belly had dropped!


20140530-164216.jpg XOXO- Chelsea


Week 30

Week 30 definitely felt like “yep I’m pregnant with twins”. Things are SO crowded in there and I can feel a significant different in the way I feel physically.

Symptoms: the 325 mg iron has been making me physically ill this week so I called my ob and explained that I’m not tolerating it so he suggested liquid iron. It’s not covered by insurance but it doesn’t upset my stomach and make me sick so it’s worth it to pay for out of pocket. The acid reflux has also been really bad again, like when I’m not eating ice my throat burns like someone poured hot lava in my throat.

Craving and Aversions: This week I am DONE eating strawberries…after 4 MONTHS of eating them all the time I have finally had enough. Now I’m eating lots of cantaloupe and honey dew, spinach salad, beef, and my major indulgence homemade double chocolate brownies, yum!

Weight gain is a total of 20 lbs now! I still don’t feel like I have gained very much considering each baby weighs 3 lbs 2 oz this week. It is definitely all baby belly 😉

Here is the 30 week bump pic along with my Mom and BFF and I and my boys and I on Mother’s Day 🙂




And here is the food comparison of how big the babies are at 30 weeks

XOXO- Chelsea

Week 29

Wow, 29 weeks already! This pregnancy has really gone by fast. I forgot to mention for week 28 that when I had my blood drawn for the glucose test my ob discovered that I am anemic (not surprised by that since I was anemic with my 4 pregnancies), so I have been taking 325 mg of iron2 times a day.

Symptoms are the same as last week. Although I haven’t been able to eat much at one time so I usually eat Greek yogurt for breakfast since it has 10-12 grams of protein. I probably eat 6-10 small meals a day depending on my appetite each day. Frequent urination is an understatement! I feel like I drink 2 oz of water and I’m headed for the restroom lol.

Weight gain is a total of 17 lbs now for the pregnancy. And each baby weighs 2 lbs 12 oz this week (not including both placentas and fluids).

I forgot to take a belly pic for week 29 but here is the size this week compared to a food 🙂

20140520-134735.jpg XOXO-Chelsea

Weeks 26-28

These next 2 weeks were identical so I’ll just insert the important info 😉

Symptoms are pretty consistent with the last few weeks: peeing quite often and terrible heartburn. Actually, if it wasn’t for the heartburn I would feel great!

Cravings: still strawberries all day everyday! And my addiction to ice from the gas station is as fierce as ever…I think I eat about 80 oz of ice a day (in addition to drinking lots of water).

Weight gain is still up to 15 lbs total.

We had our 28 week ob appointment (no u/s this time) and my fabulous IPs drove down for that and we were able to have dinner together and just hang out which is always really nice 🙂 At this appointment I had my glucose test (which tests for gestational diabetics) and we watched the epidural video (all patients are required to watch it whether they get the epidural or not-if you don’t watch it you cannot get the epidural). I PASSED my glucose test, yay! I have never had gestational diabetics before but I was nervous about it since so many things with this twin pregnancy have been different than my own . The next appointment is at 32 weeks where we will have an u/s to determine the final position of the babies (so far they are breech and transverse).


Bump pic for week 26 🙂



20140519-051805.jpg bump pic at 28 weeks XOXO-Chelsea

Week 25

Week 25 ended up turning out fine but the end of this week was stressful. Hubby and I went to Target (he was on vacation from UPS) on Wednesday to get things for our children for Easter. At my local target store that day they must have been rearranging things because there were boxes everywhere all over the aisle floor. To make a long story short, I tripped on a box and fell down half on my right side of my belly and right hip. I have NEVER fallen during pregnancy before so it was scary! Especially this situation since I’m carrying twins who aren’t even mine! I felt fine immediately after the fall (just more embarrassed) but we went straight home and I decided to lay down on my left side and drink water anyway. About 2 hours later I started noticing some contractions, not long lasting or consistent but none the less they were uncomfortable. I called my ob and explained what happened earlier and was advised to come to the hospital just to be safe. We dropped our 3 year old off with my dad and told him we would let him know if we needed him to get our older boys from the bus (although I thought for sure we would be done getting checked out by the time school was over)…nope, I was wrong! The babies didn’t like the monitor and the nurses had a hard time getting both of their heartbeats. After almost an hour in triage my ob tells us that I will be staying 24 hours to be monitored continuously and also have an ultrasound to check their placentas and make sure there were no problems. I didn’t expect that I would have to stay and wasn’t prepared AT ALL! But thankfully with my husband being on vacation I knew he had everything under control with our boys. The ultrasound showed 2 perfect babies and 2 perfect placentas with no signs of distress, thank you God! Being hooked up to the monitors for 24 hours was rough but it was worth it to make sure they were both safe 🙂 I was discharged the next afternoon and decided from here till the end of the pregnancy I will always have someone right with me whenever I leave my house!

As for weight gain for week 25 I have gained 15 lbs total.

Here is how big the babies are this week and the bump pic 🙂 XOXO-Chelsea



Week 24

This was an exciting week! My mom and I drove to Chicago for the twins baby shower and then my IPs came here for our 24 week ob appointment and ultrasound 🙂 My mom and I left on Friday March 29th and drove to an area about one hour from my IPs home and we stayed overnight in a hotel so that we weren’t rushing the next day to get to the shower on time. We went to IKEA on Saturday morning and I found a few things for our new house we are building- I love IKEA! We drove to their house on Saturday and stayed over night at their house and drove back Sunday after breakfast. The shower was lovely and meeting their friends and family was so special! Everyone was so sweet, thanking me for carrying their babies…I am so happy to be doing this for them and this experience has blessed me so much! I had these adorable onesies and burp cloths made for the babies-so cute!

At the end of the baby shower they gave me the SWEETEST necklace- oh my goodness, it was so unexpected and I will cherish it forever!! It’s a silver nest with a pink and blue egg! I LOVE IT!

It was a wonderful time and I am so glad I was able to be there! Thank you Mom for driving me and I am happy we had some time together with no husbands or kids 😉

Monday afternoon we had our u/s and ob appointment and my IPs drove down here for that- it was so nice seeing them 3 days in a row! The babies at 24 weeks 4 days are perfect and big! Baby A weighed 1 lb 7 oz and baby B weighed 1 lb 10 oz, wow! My weight gain totals 14 lbs for week 24, but with 3 lbs of that being the weight of the babies (not including their placentas and fluid) not much is sticking to me lol. Here are some really cute pics of the babies at 24 weeks 4 days





XOXO- Chelsea

Weeks 21-23

Well I did it again…I am way behind on posting. Weeks 21-23 were all the same so I will just show any bump pics and post about symptoms 🙂

Pretty much the same things I experienced at 20 weeks- LOTS of acid reflux, which is helped some by alternating protonix and nexium and eating ice. My racing heart is still an issue, but we found out that my upper left atrium is enlarged just because this is a twin pregnancy. Now that we know my heart is just working overtime and things will return to normal once I deliver these babies it doesn’t worry me AS much.


Weight gain for week 21 and 22 is up a pound so that is a total of 9 lbs gained in the pregnancy so far 🙂


The twin bump at 22 weeks 🙂

As for cravings I am eating LOTS of strawberries (about a pint a day) and earring lots of Casey’s gas station ice ( it helps cool my throat from the heartburn) and my guilty pleasure…Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, yum!


Twin bump at 23 weeks!

Thank you all for reading my blog and for the support, it means so much! XOXO-Chelsea

Week 20

20 weeks, really?! It is going by fast! Oh, and I forgot to mention that when IPs were here they gave me a really sweet card with a gift certificate for the Cheesecake Factory! Yum!

I forgot to update my weight so here it is…I have now gained 8 lbs, woot! Yeah, I know it’s not much but considering how sick I was and that I lost 5 lbs the first trimester I am happy to be making some progress 🙂

I had an EKG and u/a done at the cardiologist and I am just waiting on the results of that. I will also be wearing a holter (heart monitor) for 48 hours in a few days.


That’s all for this week…hard to believe there is only 14-17 weeks left in this twin pregnancy! XOXO-Chelsea

Week 19

This week we had the anatomy u/s and regular ob visit and it was even better because IPs drove down the day before so we could spend some time together 🙂 We ordered pizza from my family’s favorite pizza place (Pizza and Pasta Express) and had pizza and salad here Sunday night. The u/s Monday went great and the babies look absolutely perfect! They each weigh 11 oz- wow! My belly is starting to feel bigger now and I guess that’s why 🙂 After a really long look at both babies I had my ob appointment then we took a tour of the ob floor so they could become familiar with where I will be delivering. I was exhausted after all of that, especially with the heart issues.

Ice cream! Any and all flavors but especially breyers neopolitan and chocolate extreme blizzards from DQ! And of course lots of soft ice and water.

I have been feel a lot more movement from the babies this week 🙂









Week 17/18

I am posting weeks 17 and 18 together since they were both the same as far as symptoms and no appointments happened either week.

Middle of the way through week 17 I was able to start drinking water again and loving it, yay!

20140310-115131. jpg

My heart appointment is scheduled for February 19th so we will see what the cardiologist says.


Next ob appointment is at 19 weeks 4 days for the big anatomy u/s!
XOXO- Chelsea